They are involved in the reform of the political and economic aspects

An official in the executive branch the adoption of the government strategy of reform include making inter orders and decisions to address the imbalance in the structure of the state's political, economic, financial, administrative and service aspects and the fight against corruption, while expressed his confidence in its success, he stressed that those steps are complete approach to comprehensive reform adopted by the State to achieve stability and development Alaammar.ocd government official in an interview for »morning» said the new strategy aims to carry out a thorough and radical reform to address the imbalance in the structure of the state in economic, security and political aspects, adding it to complete the steps effectively began two months ago.
He said, that the executive branch proceeded to take measures and decisions to support the private sector and moving the economy and reforms, including facilitating the entry of oil companies by reducing the obstacles and bureaucracy and make it less complex, particularly in relation to the introduction of its material, in parallel with announcing the resolutions issued by the government to facilitate the work of the oil companies and the rehabilitation of state-owned enterprises to overcome the current financial crisis » . And between the government official, and there motionless inside the corridors of the Council of Ministers, in order to involve the international community to support Iraq in its war against terrorism, saying it was an important step that reflects the extent of Iraq's interaction with countries of the region and the world, and his support in the war that led against Daash «He pointed out« the continuation of negotiations The government, represented by the Ministry of Finance, with the Bank and the International Monetary Fund in order to provide soft loans to Iraq, sniffing at the current exchange crisis fears continued to pump oil exports, and diversify the resources that bring the budget next year of the goals of its estimates. According to the official, the presence of international awareness of the size of the wealth possessed by Iraq and diversity, it's abused, who was born with the economic and monetary problems and the implications of waging holy war in defense of the region and the world «. The spokesman, and the existence of efforts and directions of the real with the government, to increase the financial revenues ports of the country, especially in light of receding fears of a cash crisis, economic and processors that have been developed with the continuing oil exports flow significantly from Iraqi ports and across the transport pipeline.