Specialists surprised ignore Chalabi documents about corruption in the auction currency and ungrateful

Called financial expert, on Sunday, to non-mainstream charges of "corruption" on all private banks, surprising the lack of transparency in the concerned authorities deal with the documents of the late Ahmad Chalabi revealed by the Foundation (range) and the use of occupancy Street minor issues, while counting union member business, to sell the dollar continues to be through the doors of "vague and tired" for traders and "inconsistent" with the orientations of the government, he suggested academic assigning one of the Ministry of Finance banks ERA currency to ease the burden on the central bank and to ensure the monitoring of several quarters.
Financial expert: Where transparency in the follow-up of corruption
She said financial expert, safety Sumaisem, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "irregularities file in the currency auction, organized by the Central Bank, appeared for a long time, but the most important is not to be circulated to all participating banks because it is a fatal step of the economy more than they are move forward and fight the corrupt ", usually the" Circular will guide the finger to pan the private sector and thus harm years. "
She Sumaisem surprised, of "lack of interest of the concerned authorities a lot of corruption cases relating to banks and others, whether raised by the late Ahmad Chalabi, or others, and handed over its documents to religious reference and the Integrity Commission," noting that "the reference has called repeatedly and publicly that the government eliminate the corrupt, as the institution long thankfully, the deployment of those files, but where are the Integrity Commission, and why those files did not show whether Chalabi in life or after his death, and why this silence about the documents long? ".
And he demanded financial expert, the need "to deal transparently with corruption and inform the public files on the negative effects on the national economy and the actions taken against those involved," accusing "the concerned authorities not to concern files president and seeking to occupancy Street minor issues ladder new salary."
Promised Semsm, that there is "the paradoxes of monetary policy of the Central Bank, and the way to understand the separation of powers approved by the Iraqi constitution, which is a sacred cause and not important", usually that "the separation of powers of the most important democratic factors, does not permit taking the same person supervisory task and implement it constitutes a violation the Constitution, as happened with the head of the oversight Abdul Basit Turki Saeed, when he received the functions of Governor of the Central Bank, in a move reminiscent of the central authoritarian rule during the era of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party. "
She said financial expert, that "the Central Bank of Iraq, the structural measures in monetary policy in a good way he is trying to improve the performance, which saw the last term some decline," asserting that the task of those "issue should be paying attention to it because the central bank and his administration faced pressure because of a crisis financial scarcity of financial resources of the country, despite the demands of the bank to maintain the stability of the dinar and international obligations, such as trade liberalization and the preservation of the market economy as well as undergo future agreements Bank and the IMF. "
Union business: sell the dollar tired opaque procedures for traders and contradictory with the orientations of the government
Meanwhile, a member of the Union of Entrepreneurs, Muhannad Sabri, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The smuggling of billions of dollars through currency auction, during the years 2012-2015, weaker local market because most of the imports are in dollars and not to accept any State of the dinar", noting that in "light of the disappearance of the dollar because traders have to take him at any price to secure their wares reflected negatively on the purchasing value of goods, and made it the only aggrieved citizen."
He said Sabri, that "buying and selling the dollar process is still done through the doors of incomprehensible and opaque, as is still the trader looking for the dollar tiring ways and this is not possible in light of the adoption of the government to support the private sector and to control the market in accordance with the plans and mechanisms followed and implemented by the ministries concerned with the policy of" adding, "But what we see on the ground is not enabled is not going according to the trends announced by the government, which the merchants and citizens want the same."
Academic: Auction currency should be continued in the Ministry of Finance Bank
In turn, professor of economics at the University of Mustansiriya, Mohammed Ali Badran, said in an interview to the (long-Presse) said, "The effective solution at this stage is to deposit the currency auction in one of the Ministry of Finance banks, Kalravedan or rational, that the central bank be observers intervene in any time it feels the presence of risk on the dollar and to control it. "
And saw Badran, that "it can reduce the burden on the central bank puts the dollar in a confined box can be monitored," noting that "there is no day of watching currency auction at the Central Bank as well as the trading auctions at the Ministry of Finance will be linked with the other its arms Kalheiih General for Customs and Tax Authority, and be all under one umbrella. "
The Supreme Judicial Council announced, in (the tenth of November the current 2015), for receiving the documents Chairman of the Finance Committee of the late Ahmad Chalabi provided by the head of institution-range of information, culture, arts, Fakhri Karim, as decided the composition of the investigative jurisdiction to consider those documents, noted that the public prosecutor will appear before the investigative panel to express his requests and follow-up.
The (long) learned in (the ninth of this November) that the President of the Foundation range of information, culture, arts, Fakhri Karim, has him head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud complete file to the issues of money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency Alambtaah from the central bank auction, which was, Chairman of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives and the Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi of the late Attorney has filed a copy of it with Mr. Karim, a student submission to the judiciary in the case of a hated.