Abbadi emphasizes the role of the judiciary in protecting the oppressed citizen and not the administrator

Baghdad/Iraq news network. the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi on the need to raise the Iraqi flag in Sinjar, West of Mosul, which was liberated by Kurdish Peshmerga forces daash terrorists in the past two days. the library said in a statement today: that Abbadi met with a number of civilian activists from all sectors of society in Babylon during his speech, he noted that the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani called me two days ago and discussed the importance of Sinjar as they cut the road to supply terrorists between Mosul and tenderness. "he added that" the process of editing Peshmerga participated within the Iraqi security system and through Iraqi Army aviation as well as lifting landmines and planted containers and Sinjar to Iraqi hands freed and must raise the Iraqi flag, ".", said Al-Abbadi there speaks for the Kurdistan region and at the same time submit a paper with all the concessions to withdraw delegation. "the" reforms were not targeted but came to get rid of quotas I have not dismissed any position without reference to the Cabinet and Parliament, "Noting" the importance of dissentObjective listen and learn. "the Prime Minister stressed" the importance to protect the aggrieved citizen justice and weak in the society and not the officials knowingly or unknowingly value pointing to the importance of taking the judiciary of its role and to work to eradicate corruption. "he noted that" the three powers do not work in isolation from each other and overlap in their work and in the past there was a struggle and we tried to achieve coherence and harmony between the Executive and legislative branches and succeeded during the last period but there not like him " Pointing out "we can't work without the cooperation of the political blocs with us." regarding the situation in touz khormato, between Al-Abbadi: what happens between Arabs and Kurds, fascination and Turkmens and anyone trying to incite fighting sedition because they would threaten after the rest of the provinces, there are efforts to preserve the situation reached crisis today there but some pushed to win votes and we work for the bloodshed and the guns to daash ".