Interest rates for loans, the Arab Monetary Fund
BAGHDAD - Al-Sabah
said the Arab Monetary Fund for higher interest on loans granted for the month of November for the short, medium and long compared to prices last month prices.
A statement of the Fund seen by «morning» that the interest rate floating of the order of six months there has not been any change during this month as 0.86 percent reached
which hit in October.
He said either the interest rate installer for 3 years 1.21 percent reached this month after he was last month's 1.15 percent, indicating that the fixed interest rate for for 4 years was 1.37 percent reached after scoring in November The first 1.31 percent.
And the interest rate installer for 5 years was 1.52 percent, reached for the current month, as he had reached 1.46 percent in November, adding that the interest rate installer for 7 years stood at 1.78 after it reached 1.73 percent last month