Activating municipal fines and irregularities Law
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did the Baghdad Municipality Act 130 of 1963 to strengthen the financial resources received from the imposition of fines fundamentalism that contribute to the decline of municipal irregularities and improve the urban landscape of the capital Baghdad. Said Deputy Director General of the Legal Department of the Municipality of Baghdad expert Saad Abdul Alanis »Sabah»: The Council of Ministers Office of Economic Affairs drew the Municipality of Baghdad need to activate and increase the financial resources for the Municipality of Baghdad to impose fines fundamentalism on municipal waste according to Law 130 the year 1963. He noted that the main objective of these measures increase and maximize the financial resources of the Chambers of the secretariat, particularly the municipal districts of them to ensure the smooth flow of and access to areas of municipal services and the revival of Karkh and Rusafa with improving the urban landscape and the removal of the optical distortion, as well as increase the aesthetic of the capital Baghdad. He added that the directives stressed the importance of obtained financial resources from rents and sale of owned by the Municipality of Baghdad real estate, along with the imposition of fines on the abuses taking place on the water networks of drinking and raw and throw the waste in places other than those designated islands random for livestock in residential areas to maximize the financial resources required for community service in the delivery of water and sanitation and sewage services.
also alerted the Secretariat on the need to increase financial penalties on the excesses of street vandalism and asphalt as a result of misuse and drilling non-formal and the work of artificial bumps is fundamentalism, as well as at the monument Ganabr and grills fish in the streets and on the sidewalks and the imposition of fines on raising the banners and pictures in the gardens and parks, In addition to fines raising banners in the streets and the promotion of parties and symbols outside the election period, as well as fines Car Wash net with water and poured fat and overtaking on the sidewalks and public property of the territory of the Municipality of Baghdad, especially used Garages inside approaches homes in order to improve road services.