Legal: general amnesty law does not cover accused of terrorism by 4
11:17 GMT
Baghdad and babysit - denied by the Parliamentary Legal Committee smile Hashim, the inclusion of terrorism Article 4 of the amnesty law.
She said Hashem told public opinion (and babysit), on Saturday, "Despite the claim by some politicians universally Article 4 terror in the general amnesty law, it will not be achieved and will not be meeting their demanding it," pointing out that "it is not possible to proceed with the implementation of demands calling for the inclusion of terrorism, the General Amnesty Law and voted on and passed. "

Hashim explained that "the exceptions that are not covered by this resolution, is 4 terrorism, kidnapping, drug trafficking and its impact in the destruction of young people, and smugglers effects".

She drew Hashem that "there are some cases such as theft, murder re-examined and repaired coverage in this Law, provided the occurrence reconciliation and waiver of the people of the victim," PSC /