8224 launch of the accused had not been proved guilty

Announced the judiciary, Saturday, for the resolution of 13185 files, detained over the past month, while confirming he was released 8224 of them are not guilty of what was attributed to them. He said the judiciary spokesman Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a statement today that 'the country's courts settled over the past month issues 13185 suspended, included in general the investigation and trial as well as Chelates released '. He said Bayrakdar that' the courts of the country in the whole appeals evacuated for 8224 suspended during the current month were not proven guilty, including attributed to them ', adding that' these dispersed by 6852 detainees was released in the investigation stage, and 1372 others were released during the trial phase.
"The judiciary announced, earlier, for release in 1291, accusing 'terrorism' have never been found guilty during the month of December last.