Parliamentary Finance confirms that the issuance of the central bank to hold dinars category Al50.000 Old aims to delete the zeros

According to a member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Masood Haider, on Friday, that the issuance of central bank for the category of the fifty thousand dinars hold works by the central bank for a long time. Haider said in a press statement child "Iraq law" that the purpose of the issuance of this category of the "50" thousand Iraqi dinars is to remove three zeros from the Iraqi currency in the distant future, to facilitate internationalized currency among citizens. He added, with regard to the distribution of half the employees' salaries to "US dollar" There is nothing official in this regard, pointing out that this is just some of the demands of the House of Representatives no more. Referred to as the Central Bank of Iraq, Wednesday, 01.11.2015 issued banknotes category (50) thousand dinars, and as pointed out that the new category is dominated by light brown with included a number of security and technical signs, confirmed that the paper included photographs planning to paddle wheel Euphrates and marshes of Iraq.