The inclusion of more than 47 thousand project retirement and social security law

Included the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, more than 47 000 project's social security in Baghdad and the provinces. According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, that "the ministry included 47 thousand and 438 projects in Baghdad and the provinces since the issuance of the provisions of the law of retirement and social security number 39 of 1971 and up to 09.30.2015," explaining that "the new inclusive procedures According to the law take place after the submission of the official documents that prove the ownership of the project, a [vacation industrial development or book the Registrar of Companies, and the identity of the Federation of Industries, the identity of the Chamber of Commerce, and the lease, and the certificate issued by the official authorities].
"He added that" The ministry is included in the capital Baghdad 18 thousand and 204 new projects during the same period followed by the province of Kirkuk in terms of the highest percentage of coverage for industrial projects, as included three thousand and 966 projects, then the province of Basra, which included three thousand and 332 projects, and the province of Najaf, three thousand and 195 new projects. "The statement pointed out that" Muthanna province was ranked last in the number of projects and number of newly included 762 projects, "noting that" the ministry included 47 thousand and 164 projects in the private sector, and 80 projects in the mixed sector, and 194 projects within the cooperative sector ".