Abbadi allied with Maliki's opponents for political isolation

/News agencies/Baghdad being Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi intensive interviews held consensus and coalitions directly and indirectly with the liabilities of its predecessor, the leader of the Al-Maliki Coalition to isolate him politically, after the latter started rigid or its position of rejecting the abolition of his post as Deputy President.
And may produce interviews and the dynamics of the political process in Iraq might soon announce alliances to form a "reform bloc", Abbadi in so-called "reforms" announced in the face of political blocs refused some people's movement in the country, warns the head of Government of any corrective step was untouched.
Within the Coalition source said that "there is considerable mobility within the Alliance between the two supported one another Al-Maliki and Al-Ibadi, but who supports the current Prime Minister is the greatest in the presence of Sadr and the Supreme Council, which are the leading opponents of Al-Maliki during his governance in the country.