Oil: we strive to create the ranks through investment without dependence on Government

The oil Ministry confirmed Saturday, seeking to create the ranks through investment without relying on the Government, adding that the Ministry is going to chock full strength with the investor.

He said under-Secretary for filter DIA Al-Moussawi said in an interview for alsumaria news "Ministry seeks to liberalize the economy by relying on Iraqi Government and that the Government-owned is the sole contractor", stating that "the Ministry is seeking to establish refineries in all provinces through investment without relying on Government".

Musawi said that "the Ministry reached dozens of requests to create filters by investing some serious and others lacking Shi seriously", adding that "there are requirements should be available and that the Ministry should not intersect with those who think investment".

He said Moussaoui that "the Ministry welcomes the fully qualified persons to create these refineries", noting that it "is going to chock full strength with the investor when seriously and the possibility to work".

Iraq has a number of refineries, including Baiji, located in Salah the religion and the who is one of the largest Iraqi refineries, while the refinery was established in Baghdad in 1953, and began production in 1955, and the productive capacity of liquidator 140 a throw for a day, and the production of all oil derivatives and it fills the need of central areas of petroleum, in addition to the Basra refinery and card 220 thousand barrels per day In addition to the ranks of a small refinery at Al-Kazak refinery in Najaf and Mosul.

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