22 trillion dinars. The parliamentary Finance: the only way to reduce the General shear is reducing expenditures and allocations

The parliamentary Finance Committee is seeking to reduce the budget deficit to 2016 to 13 or 14 trillion dinars instead of 22 trillion. Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan, the «Committee hearing included the examination of the draft budget law transmitted by the Presidency of Parliament and focused on the discussion mechanism and set a date for the second reading of the Bill, referring to «commissioned by Committee members to provide comments and suggestions on the budget for the Committee meeting (tomorrow) Sunday as we take the views of the deputies, also discussed outlines how to call representatives of ministries Mission for the purpose of addressing the shortfall in the budget. And a member of the Finance Committee that the Committee will continue to meet to discuss the budget, he said, adding that '' the only way to reduce the deficit is to reduce expenditures and allocations fruitless ministries», expressing hope that '' the budget deficit declining from 22 trillion dinars to 13 or 14 trillion after deleting luxury expenses to the limit. He added that "each province benefits Committee will take into account whether the quotas insufficient.