Security forces kill a Prince ldaash with 30 of his aides near Fallujah

Officials in Anbar operations command said Friday that a joint security force able to edit one of the albghaday area, West of Anbar, (110 km west of Baghdad), he noted that the operation resulted in the deaths of dozens of organizing daash. He said in an interview with the source (range), that "the security forces managed to storm and cleanse the area soinikh of the Baghdadi area (170 km west of Anbar), cleared in full after very heavy fighting, which killed dozens of items to organize terrorist daash".

Added the source, who requested anonymity, said "the security forces from the army, police and tribal fighters and forces of the 7th Division and the operations of the island, they began combing the area west of Anbar, soinikh and raise the IEDs from roads President and dismantling booby houses". In another context, the President of the Security Committee in the local Council to spend the Khalidiya in Anbar province, Ibrahim Al-fahdawi, killing Prince's military organization daash in Fallujah. Al-fahdawi said in an interview with the (term), "Iraqi air force fighters based on intelligence information raided air elements organized in a lesson daash Albo Shihab (20 km east of Ramadi) was bombed by Iraqi warplanes missiles killing Prince ldaash military in Fallujah Tunisian nationality and 30 of regulation". Al-fahdawi said that "Tunisian terrorist and his organisation elements attempting to cross the Po region Shehab down to gray for a meeting with leaders and Emirs daash in Anbar with the distribution of the number of weapons and missiles to cells". And the Chairman of the Commission pointed out that "the battles are continuing in the cleansing of all circuit breakers and grey hubs especially axis East and West and South to Ramadi with large security forces suffered heavy losses, daash elements and wheels". , Driving the crowd forces in Anbar province, clearing the mosque Omar holed elements organize daash spend karma, northeast of Fallujah.

He said the third battalion command (free karma) Brigade 30 popular Colonel Mahmoud crowd forces patients Al-jumaili, told the (range), that "the security forces have managed to break into large parts of the area alkbishat spend karma (19 km east of Fallujah), resulting in clearing Omar mosque which was holed elements to organize and edit parts of the area and killed nine of the elements". Al-jumaili said that "the combat units and military bases 24 Iraqi Army Brigade was dismantled 30 bomb and three homes booby in areas cleared in alkbishat area", adding that "security forces were able to identify the two dead two daash Salah Mahdi and Syria citizenship".
He said jumaili "after security forces cleared the mosque of Omar and the parts of the alkbishat, which is the limit and connector between the regions of Albo Shehab and Cress, vine Center cutting off lines of financing and terrorist movement".
In turn, he is first class (free karma), major General of the popular crowd, Colonel jumaa Al-jumaili's dismay (range), that "security forces and tribesmen managed to repel the attack of the organizing daash obsolete bombs type (shuffle) bomber was targeting security forces in the region of matinees spend karma (19 km east of Fallujah), resulting in alshavl suicide bombing killed before reaching the wall connection". Al-jumaili said that "the security forces have strengthened their presence in areas of vine in anticipation of similar attacks in Fallujah", stating that "the next few days will be an appointment with streak and raise the Iraqi flag over the center of the vine and the storming of Fallujah cleared daash gangs".