Sistani hails liberation of Sinjar and calls for wise to settle crisis touz khormato

He welcomed the religious reference in Karbala, Sara, on Friday, the triumphs of the peshmerga in Sinjar, called for coordination among fighting forces to achieve new victories.

With net expressed regret over clashes between the peshmerga touz khormato district and crowd wise student of Turkmen parties to end it and direct their weapons towards a common enemy.
The representative of the religious reference, during Friday prayers at the shrine attended by (range), "aldaashi challenge is the biggest challenge facing the country at present, and we must harness all possibilities to confront".
NET called "greater coordination and cooperation among the fighting forces of the army, police, volunteers and tribesmen and Peshmerga out in future battles, new victories and edit other areas to be achieved ultimately full victory to expel and remove dangerous daash planning".

He praised orator Karbala b "the victories achieved by the peshmerga in Sinjar", expressing "regret over the clashes between the peshmerga and the Turkmen touz khormato district crowd".
The representative of Sistani's promise, such clashes "unjustifiable", requiring "reasonable parties to put an end to them, and to direct all their weapons towards a common enemy". In another context the net pointed out that "citizens are suffering lack of interest by employees in many departments in completing transactions contexts", indicating that "some staff to block transactions and to prolong the review and audit be postponed another time without acceptable reason".
The representative considered the reference to such practices as "part of the corruption plaguing the Government system", calling for "seeking to fix it through education and education that has to be done at an earlier stage to enter government service employee".
NET stressed on "culture and citizenship education in the home, school and University contributes to reducing some malpractice when some staff and raise the apathy surrounding the behaviour of others", upheavals spread "pests" suffered by government departments as bribes to the absence of serious work in raising our sons to stay away from them as immoral and warn them of the risks of building the country ".
Khatib Juma stressed Karbala need to "work on raising a new generation to exercise the virtues and attributes through the planting and development of patriotism and citizen commitment to honesty and care for the rights of others and stay away from lies and bribes and harming public money".

For his part, Khatib Juma Najaf, kubbanji issued yesterday, the security progress in the areas of fighting and edit Sinjar elements organize daash. And called Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to adhere to the directives of the religious reference on reforms, stressed the need for comprehensive reforms where everyone sits.
Kubbanji said during Friday prayers at the shrine and attended (range), that "there is security progress achieved by the security forces and the crowd in fighting gangs organize daash", b "the victory achieved in the liberalization of Sinjar daash gangs terrorist". Kubbanji added that "reform is our only and are still in the beginning and we must commit the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi guidance religious reference and which reforms should be", stressing that "be comprehensive reforms where everyone sits and cover the top layer with salaries and huge allocations not only the simple and sits where the weak and strong".