Talabani receives Foundation range

On Friday afternoon, greeted President Jalal, Mam in Sulaymaniya long friend Mr. Fakhri Karim, President of the Foundation for media, culture and the arts.
And Mr. Fakhri Karim, was pleased with the meeting, especially in health continued to improve, he noted the pivotal role of MAM Jalal President during their struggle to overthrow the dictatorship and establish a democratic and federal system of constitutional guarantees fundamental freedoms and citizenship rights to all components of the Iraqi people without discrimination, adding that the name and the symbol MAM Jalal will remain bright cannot change and central role, could not offset by one, and that Iraq and Kurdistan, in dire need of rational thinking and wisdom of the MAM Jalal to end the problems and crises. In turn, Mam Jalal President thanked for visit and fraternal feelings for Mr. Fakhri Karim, attended Mrs. Hero Ibrahim Ahmed aside from meeting.