Middle East: there is a decision of the reference Najaf, al-Maliki not to grant any role in the political process

Sources of political revealed that there is a final decision of Najaf reference not to grant the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki any role in the political process in the future. The sources told the newspaper the Middle East London that there are a lot of variables may occur within the coalition of state law include who is with al-Maliki, who is with Abadi, indicating that while been assigned Abadi led government remained with al-Maliki of state law about twenty-eight out of ninety. The sources pointed out that while the role of Abadi decline because of the imbalance in the application of reforms, the number of supporters of al-Maliki rose to sixty members, adding that according to the new map, it is expected to remain with al-Maliki, only about a dozen members.