We seek to reduce the budget deficit to 14 trillion dinars

Khandan - parliamentary Finance Committee is seeking to reduce the deficit in the general budget for 2016 to 13 or 14 trillion dinars instead of 22 Trliuna. , he said the parliamentary finance committee member Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan, "The committee held a session included a study of the budget bill, which forwarded the presidency of parliament to and focused on the mechanism discussion and set a date for the second reading of the bill, "adding," assigned to the committee members to submit their comments and suggestions on the budget for consideration at the Committee meeting next Sunday and we will take the views of the House of Representatives, have also been discussing the outlines and how to call representatives of the important ministries for the purpose of the shortfall in the budget treatment. "

He said member of the Finance Committee in remarks to the newspaper (time), "The committee will continue to hold its meetings to the end of the search budget," explaining that "the only way to reduce the deficit is to reduce expenses and allowances is not feasible in the ministries," and expressed hope that "the deficit is reduced in budget of 22 trillion dinars to 13 or 14 Trliuna after deleting luxury expenses to the limit. "" The entitlements for each province, and the Commission will take into account whether the quota is not sufficient. "