Newspapers today following the issue of the budget and the journalists' union conference on combating impunity of crimes against journalists

Baghdad Iraqi National / Agency News / Nina / issued on Thursday, the twelfth of November newspapers pursued a number of topics, including the budget and Conference to be held by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in cooperation with the UNESCO Office in Iraq today on the occasion of World Day to Combat escape from the crimes against journalists and media In addition to the statement of the Riyadh summit. Zaman newspaper said the parliamentary Finance Committee is seeking to reduce the deficit in the general budget for 2016 to 13 or 14 trillion dinars instead of 22 Trliuna ,.
The newspaper quoted a member of the committee Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan was quoted as saying (the Committee held a hearing included the examination of the draft law Budget transmitted the presidency of parliament to and focused on the discussion mechanism and set a date for the second reading of the draft law), referring to the (assigned to the committee members to submit their comments and suggestions on the budget for consideration at the Committee meeting next Sunday and we will take the views of the House of Representatives.

He said (the Commission will continue to hold meetings to that end of search budget), explaining that (the only way to reduce the deficit is to reduce expenses and allowances is not feasible in the ministries), expressing his hope that (the budget deficit of 22 trillion dinars drop to 13 or 14 Trliuna after deleting luxury expenses to the extent permitted) and continued The (Per entitlements province will take the Commission into account whether the quota is not sufficient).

For its part, promised an MP for the province of Basra covenants Fadhli budget disappointing,.

, it said in a statement yesterday that (the budget had not provided additional allocations for the province, but withheld the original and legal allocations, a $ 5 became 5 percent per barrel), pointing out that (the province is still demanding entitlements in 2013 and 2014 and 2015, estimated at $ 12 billion).

Zora newspaper issued by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate said that the union be held in cooperation with the UNESCO office in Iraq on Thursday, a conference Nqashiya On the occasion of World Day to Combat escape from the crimes against journalists and media.

The newspaper, quoting a statement of the union to: "The conference will be held with the participation of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and a number of ministries and parliamentary committees and the relevant authorities in the presence of a distinct of the heads of media organizations from satellite TV and local newspapers, news agencies and radio stations ". The statement added: "The conference will discuss the situation of journalists in Iraq and also subject to the crimes and the role of the Iraqi judiciary to prevent impunity." And it formed a journalists' union several specialized committees to demonstrate the importance of this conference and posed targeting of journalists from a crack in the political and social scene and the emphasis on the need to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes and download comeuppance their crimes there to be a deterrent for those tempted to himself or the party that is pushing for the commission of crimes against journalists.

He President of the Republic in the word Iraq speech in front of 44 Arab and American leaders of Koreans: The «on friendly countries to stand by side in Iraq's political, economic and security».
He added that «the Iraqis want to feel they are not alone in this war, which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians and the displacement of millions because of them and spent fortunes which disrupted a lot of construction and progress opportunities under pressure ».

The paper pointed out that the infallible word won great acclaim by the audience, in particular it emphasized the importance of cooperation in the elimination of terrorism, when he said:« we have no choice and the world only to win, and our cooperation and Tlaahmana and we stand together shorten the time of confrontation and reduces the sacrifices where and hasten the end of this terrorist epidemic that does not Assem a country it ».

The newspaper said the Riyadh summit ended with a final statement« condemned all terrorist acts against Iraq, and committed by the organization «Daash» organizations and other terrorist, and involvement in the killings and forced displacement of the components of the Iraqi people, and targeted on a religious or ethnic basis, and the destruction of monuments.
»The paper pointed out that Dr. Masum also succeeded in winning the backing of Iraq, Votmr meeting with Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdul Aziz on the understandings, Maybe open frameworks dual positive cooperation between the two countries in the future.

As the President of the Republic during a meeting with Prime Minister of Kuwait, «the need to strengthen bilateral relations between Iraq and Kuwait and the importance of expanding in all fields», at the time expressed blessed his country's readiness to provide all forms of support and continuously for Iraq , especially in the war being waged against terrorism.
In a separate subject quoted Mashreq newspaper sources in the city of Najaf as saying that the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr asked the prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi, during their meeting in Najaf, to open a new page with the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki.

The sources said: The Abadi, tried to explain the reasons for the dispute between him and al-Maliki, but al-Sadr interrupted him, saying: Whatever happened The interests of Iraq require that the open-minded new page.

He added Source: The Abadi occur issued by the depth of the tragedy of the Iraq today and the seriousness of the situation, which took over leadership of the previous government have been troubled, everything in Iraq.

According to the source, the Abadi was disappointed and felt he had lost one of the most important supporters of his in the march stalled reform originally tried to explain More of the chest on the seriousness of the files that he found and reached Iraq because of the corruption which is perhaps the realities of the Iraqi people have not seen it yet because of circumstance the face of the organization Daash.

The source said that al-Sadr did not try to hear from Abadi further, saying he knows everything but he wants to reconcile any price with al-Maliki.