Thi demanded separate funds petrodollars being free from the general budget
Nov 12, 2015 0

New Governor of Dhi Qar, Yahya Naseri said Thursday its demand to the Federal Government by separating petroleum funds for general budget financial allocations being settled in favour of the provinces, and between the integration of Petro-dollar allocations within the general budget accounts caused by delaying the disbursement and deprive provinces of desired benefits, noted that the money owed to the province of Dhi Qar from Petro dollars worth trillion dinars and was not acted until now.

Al-Nasseri said in a statement reported by the media and library received ours newsletter "conservative management had demanded separate petroleum funds for general budget funds Kun Petro dollar unsettled financial allocations in favour of oil provinces and merged into the general budget accounts caused delay disbursement and consequently depriving oil provinces benefit at the right time."

He said the petroleum funds settled and benefits dollar does not need a vote in Parliament for approval as it gets with this budget, demanded her dismissal and expedite delivery directly to provinces to enable them to address the fallout of the financial crisis that caused the interruption of most projects, pointing out that petroleum funds accrued $ Dhi and accumulated from past years and the current year to exceed trillion dinars this money if released would meet many of the requirements of the SOA, developmental and economic need.

The Governor of Dhi Qar, noted that "Dhi currently produces more than 170 thousand barrels of oil a day, and it is assumed that there are funds earmarked for preservation of Petro dollars under the recent amendment to the law of the governorates that are not organized in a region in which select five dollars for each barrel of oil product and extract".