Kurdistan region announced export more than 18 million barrels over the past month

Our economy / Arbil Ministry of Natural Resources announced in the Kurdistan region, Wednesday, export more than 18 million barrels during the past month of October and continue to sell oil confirmed independently. The ministry said in a statement received "our economy," a copy of it: he has been exported 18,461,357 barrels of crude oil during October of last month across Kurdistan Ceyhan line to world markets, indicating that the average daily export of crude oil amounted to 595 528 barrels .

The statement added that "the size of the amount of oil produced from oil fields amounted to 13,000,611 thousand and 252 barrels an average of 439 073 barrels per day," he said, adding that "the size of the quantities produced by the North Oil Company amounted to 4.00085 million thousand and 105 barrels an average of 156 thousand and 455 barrels per day The statement, to "oil export line for three days interrupted by acts of vandalism and theft."
The statement continued, that "the Government of the Territory continued in the month of October last to sell its oil independently via the Turkish port of Ceyhan," noting that the government aims to compensate for the losses suffered by the the region as a result of the lack of budget is provided by the federal government in Baghdad.