Referral 8 Rafidain Bank in Najaf accused to trial on corruption charges

Announced specialized integrity issues in Najaf Criminal Court, on Thursday, completing the investigations into suspicions of corruption, which affected the Rafidain Bank branch 'Muslim bin Aqeel', referring to the assignment of eight accused by the court of inquiry.

The court's president, Judge Khudair al-Badri said in a statement today that the 'court achieve fairness completed the investigation into suspicions of corruption, which affected the Rafidain Bank branch Muslim bin Aqeel '.

He said Badri, that' initial estimates of the extent of corruption exceeded one billion dinars', pointing to 'staff arrested, including a bank manager and his assistant.
"He stressed, that' these defendants has bring them all to the Criminal Court ', pointing to' the presence of the accused two other fugitives have been issued against them arrest warrants and prevent travel and book their money movable and immovable property to force them to surrender.

"He continued, that 'the Criminal Court issued decisions against some of the defendants, including assistant bank manager imprisonment for two years', noting that 'the rest will be tried in turn.
"He explained, that' one of the customers was sentenced to prison for six years for its cooperation with the accused staff dispersed their cases in the embezzlement of funds more than 100 million dinars."

The financial and administrative corruption spreads Iraq dramatically, as Transparency International Iraq ranked as the third country with most corrupt in the world after Somalia and Sudan, but that the Iraqi government is often critical of the organization reports on corruption and considers inaccurate and based on the information reached by by local and foreign companies failed to implement service projects in Iraq .