Parliamentary economy: finance completed projects by 80% in the budget of 2016

Announced to the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary proof Almamori to agree on funding for services and construction projects completed by 80% in the next year's budget in 2016.
He said Mamouri in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] that "the deficit in the fiscal budget for 2016 does not affect the strategic service projects with a direct prejudice to the lives of citizens water, sewer and sanitation and other projects to health and education-related and which are no less accomplished than 80% ratios , stressing that these service projects must be completed in the next year. "He added," The drop in oil prices caused obstructing the work of nearly 6,500 projects in Iraq is that the concerned authorities had classified these projects according to the percentage of completion and the extent of its importance and the remaining funds needed to accomplish.
"He noted to "agree on the cancellation of nearly 300 projects being in the early stages as has been delayed a number of other projects to the next budgets because they are not necessary at the present time."
He said Mamouri that "the service projects that directly seek the life of the Iraqi citizen will have a share of allocations to accomplish through two mechanisms, namely that if the achievement of the project to the advanced achievement of 80% ratios above are the allocation of the necessary funds to accomplish while in the case of a completed between 30 to 80% rates of projects there is an item in the budget allows the government to resort to the method of payment on credit or borrow for developmental projects .