Central Bank of Iraq issued Todhya procedures for cash and Ssayasth

Twilight News Central Bank of Iraq / issued a statement presentation on monetary Ssayasth, and the status of private companies currency auction. The statement, which appeared to Twilight News, "was characterized by the majority of the statements-Majara- fallacies and spreading an atmosphere of pessimism and frustration, either because of the absence of an accurate understanding or for the purposes of non-objective emanating from different motives, some linked to political reality and the bickering and recrimination, and the spirit of incitement for the purpose of aborting the rest of the functioning institutions in the state, as well as some of the proposals that would be acceptable to the public and raise their questions and reservations when stripped of context, or viewed from one angle. " He said that in light of what has been asked of documents and information concerning violations of some banks and companies in the sale of foreign currency window, and try to suggest to the public Karim not to take any action that the bank in this regard, we would like to clarify the following:
The central bank set up during the period 2012 - 2015 many of the cases to the competent Iraqi courts on banks and companies contrary to the instructions selling foreign currency window and those relating to anti-money laundering issues. The number of such suits has reached the limits of (97) suit belonging to banks and other financial institutions and clients of customers have been many court rulings issued in this regard.
It was fined reached Akiemha up to 400 billion Iraqi dinars, including 40 banks.
3. have been punished (426) financial institution non-banking sanctions (fines, alarm, alarm, deprivation of currency) sale and the withdrawal of permits and licenses for some of them a window with the imposition of trusteeship on four of the banks reached one of them to the filter end while the rehabilitation of other banks.
4. The imposition of multiple fines have reached the limits of Akiemha (5) billion Iraqi dinars in regards to other banking irregularities.