Central Bank reveals some procedures

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Iraqi Central Bank said on Thursday, he took several measures after subtracting the documents and information concerning violations of some banks and companies in the sale of foreign currency window. Central, said through a statement received "tomorrow Press," a copy of it, that "the Bank has established through period 2012 - 2015 many of the cases to the competent banks and companies violating the Iraqi courts to the instructions of the sale of foreign currency window, particularly relating to anti-money laundering issues, pointing out that "the number of such cases reached the limits of 97 suit belonging to banks and other financial institutions and clients of customers have been issued Several judicial decisions in this regard. "He said the bank was" the imposition of fines, amounting up to 400 billion Iraqi dinars, including 40 banks, "noting," it was punishing 426 financial institution non-banking sanctions fine warning and alarm and deprivation from the sale of currency window, pull permits and licenses for some of them with the imposition of trusteeship on four banks reached one of them to the point of liquidation, while the rehabilitation of other banks. "Central and pointed out," it was the imposition of multiple fines, amounting up to 5 billion Iraqi dinars in regards to other banking irregularities. "He called everyone "act with responsibility and credibility and to look at things and processed professional and objective perspective to serve the interest both locally and internationally, stressing that" the Bank is fully prepared to inform the interested ordered the bank and the issues referred to the ground and documentaries. "