Deportation of Iraqi journalists out their threat of "corrupt"

Baghdad / follow-up Baghdadiya News / .. revealed in Baghdad, Thursday, for the deportation of Iraqi journalists out of the country fearing for their lives, after receiving death for revealing corruption and involvement You influential threats in corruption, and where journalists working in unsafe environment full of danger.

London: began in Baghdad on my talk dialogue on strengthening the investigation of crimes proceedings against journalists in Iraq governed by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in cooperation with UNESCO in Iraq and the participation of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and a number of ministries and parliamentary committees and the relevant authorities to discuss the journalists in the Iraq situation and the crimes that are also subject to hearing and the role of the Iraqi judiciary to prevent impunity.

He said the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate pro-Lami in a speech during the opening of the dialogue session, and followed up / Baghdadi News /, said that "Iraqi journalists working in a safe environment and still full of risks may proceed from a calculated official liability because the press wants to fight and struggle corruption," describing these journalists as "another cluster of democracy."

"The death threats have recently arrived to dozens of journalists, which forced the union to send them out of Iraq to maintain their lives and their families were transported in a number of journalists from their cities to other cities within the country to find safe havens for them."

He explained that "the union has worked to help a number of journalists to travel outside Iraq or to find safe havens for them outside their provinces to preserve the lives of the threats they face.

Lami said that "about 400 journalists killed since 2003, and the perpetrators are still far from the hands of justice."

Calling on the government and parliament to "non-interference in the affairs and the work of independent media organizations which he said that it must be for the independent media, we will not accept or allow otherwise we are serious about this because the future of Iraq is greater than official tries to captures the independent body here or there."

He called officials and politicians to "leave the independent media, because Iraq is fighting a battle against terrorism, the media front row as well," stressing "the need to take security services for serious measures to ensure accountability and trial of the killers of journalists."

Lami said that "after the attack terrorism on the cities of Mosul, Tikrit, Ramadi, Diyala and other areas, draws hundreds of young journalists to support the fighters because they felt that the nation is in danger, evildoers with their blood pure and crayons and their cameras and all they possess the land of Iraq in order to image a national whiter, has lost a young darlings of media institutions were martyred brothers with them on the battlefield fighting the hardest terrorist organizations did not know the history I have ever seen in crime to kill and burn and cut off people's heads and wanted to take over the country thousands of years old civilization and the idea of ​​scientists and talent of its writers and their politicians."

He stressed that al-Lami "attention to the families of the martyrs of the press and not to forget, although he did not give them what they deserve."

He explained that "several committees have been formed with the participation of the judiciary to bring those who target and threaten and attack journalists, whether they are officials, young or old, no matter what their background partisan and political," stressing by saying "there is nothing to be intimidated."

The overall political standing or their relatives to protect them, and prevent them from carrying out any attack against journalists and media, but thrown from threatening journalists behind bars.

For its part, he indicated that a member of the Board of Commissioners of the National Commission for Human Rights to the fruit Alhatri that "The Commission made proposals for the implementation of the protection of journalists from violations of law and create a secure environment for the work of the press."

In the same context, the Director of the UNESCO office in Baghdad has said that "Iraq has not even signed today on the international resolutions calling for better protection for journalists."

And late last month, international and Iraqi Two to defend the rights of journalists said that the Iraqi city of Mosul turned since that was dominated by the organization "Daash" to cemetery workers told reporters, after he took over all media organizations and received the full lists of names and addresses of their employees, to start a campaign to prosecute great security against a decision of the legitimacy of his court, which has charged them with violating the instructions and information leaked from within the city to local media and foreign to scare, and prevent them from doing their job and make them struggling with their fears away from the limelight.

The Iraqi Journalists Syndicate had formed committees several specialized to show the importance of today's conference, and posed targeting of journalists from a crack in the political and social scene and the emphasis on the need to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes and download comeuppance their crimes there to be a deterrent to those who are pushing for the commission of crimes against journalists.

The United Nations General Assembly the second announced from November (November) of each year as the International Day to end impunity for crimes against journalists, and adopted a resolution urging member states to implement measures to counter the culture of impunity, as has been chosen the anniversary of the assassination of two of history French journalists in Mali on the second of November 2013 to be suitable for this celebration Alsnoa.anthy 21 / d