Minister of Transport: each national carrier determines trips prices according to the market economy in Iraq

Our economy / Baghdad - Transport Minister Bayan Jabr said that the galleries Baghdad International Airport will be allocated to four new, among other things, and will absorb the momentum of travelers, and as he emphasized his rejection of any attempts to influence national vectors to other vectors.

Zubaidi said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that "Iraq has become owns eight vectors national ones Fly Baghdad and the Zagros and the gate of Baghdad, fonts Iraqi air, and all the vector of this vector has a board of directors," pointing out that "the Iraqi economy in the Constitution is the market economy Visttia each carrier that determines the prices."

Minister of Transport and explained that "a national vector if it causes damage to other vector would intervene Iraqi Airways and the Civil Aviation Authority to put controls and not leave any carrier affect other vectors."

He added that "the four new halls that have been Avctahaha Baghdad International Airport will absorb the momentum of the passengers," he said, adding that "one of the lounges will be allocated to the United Arab Emirates, for example, foreign and Egyptian Alardninh, Lebanese, Turkish and Kuwaiti and other vectors."

He pointed out that "one of the lounges will be for the Hajj and Umrah only is specialized so to provide all their requirements in the religious and non-religious occasions, and one national carrier Iraqi, Iraqi Airways, and one will be used for other needs not yet decided," noting that "the four halls will be distributed in a clear and we will give services for citizens and travelers through this type of terminal."