House of Representatives vote on the two bills and the decision and proceeded to read the General Amnesty Law


Voice of the House of Representatives thirty-sixth regular Directors, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the Council on Thursday 12/11/2015 in the presence of 234 deputies, the laws and the decision regarding parliamentary finished reading two bills and began the second reading of the amnesty law.

At the outset of the meeting the Council voted on the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the international rail agreement in the Arab Mashreq and the Protocols annexed to it and submitted by the committees of services and reconstruction, and external relations for the purpose of contributing to the development work of the railway in the Republic of Iraq and to facilitate the transport movement in the Arab Mashreq and increase cooperation of trade and tourism and exchange law between countries in the region for the purpose of joining the agreement.

The Council did vote on the draft property installed in agricultural lands and orchards excluded from the settlement work and submitted by the committees of agriculture, water, marsh and legal, which aims to address the agricultural land ownership and orchards excluded from the settlement work or that have not been settled within the boundaries of the Municipality of Baghdad's first municipal and outside the law and because of urban development which there has been a lot of farmland and enclosed in real estate and brought about changes of this development on the reality of that land has become so not suitable for agricultural exploitation.

In another matter, followed by MP Aziz Ugaili statement on behalf of the Vice-province of Dhi Qar on financial allocations, he said it exposed the province to deprivation, whether in the era of the former regime or the current stage in spite of owning the province more than 30 billion barrels of reserves and a capacity of up to 200 000 daily, pointing the allocation of small amounts of financial allocations within the one who Qar in the next fiscal budget, calling on the House of Representatives into semi-finished province.

This was followed by Rep. Raad Aldhlki statement on behalf of the Iraqi forces Union concerning the federal budget for 2016, he stressed the importance of the preliminary for the Liberation of land from the control of the organization Daash terrorist and save the displaced, adding that the government has reneged on its obligations to the displaced has not acted allocated to them in the budget money, Thanks in advance those who embraced the displaced, declaring that the situation of the budget depends on addressing the issue of displaced persons.

For his part, President al-Jubouri confirmed the pride of his contribution to the House of Representatives in more than one forum, especially in the fight against terrorism, pointing to the existence of a number of MPs, notably Mr. Hadi al-Amiri in the battlefields against Daash, who attended today's meeting.

In turn gave MP Hadi al-Amiri thanks to the masters of NPC deputies for their support of the security services in the face of Daash, stressing has been significant progress in the fight against terrorism and the liberation of Diyala, most of Salahuddin province, regions, noting cooperation with the Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes in the fight previous battles or participate in the upcoming battles for the Liberation of areas in Kirkuk and Mosul.

MP Amery House of Representatives with the support of the allocations of the popular crowd in the financial budget for next year with the need to identify and prepare volunteers Xiaodthm to liberate areas of the terrorist organization.

On the other hand, Mr. Speaker Park MP Faleh take over the presidency in force Finance Committee, succeeding the late Vice Ahmad Chalabi,the Council expressed support for Vice force in his work, especially with the arrival of the federal financial budget.

It ended the second reading of the draft law to accept members of the armed forces and internal security forces and the apparatus of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service and the National Security Apparatus in college and submitted by the committees of Higher Education and Defense Security.

In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs MP Jawad al-Bolani to give employees of the security establishment support and give them the opportunity for postgraduate studies outside the country, similar to others and the development of University of Science and security Alastkharatneh.

She Rankin MP Abdullah that the enactment of the law will contribute to the lifting of the security services capabilities.

The MP stressed Hanan al on the need to clarify the other security services mentioned in the bill, pointing out that some of the ministries shall not be granted approval for those wishing to study which requires embed it in law.

She called MP Ibtisam Hilali to the application of the law seriously and adoption certificates obtained by the employees of the security services.

He MP Abdul-Jabbar Rhiv to the need to provide facilities for the study and associate security services, especially the movements that the field does not allow a member commitment attendance at the university on a daily basis.

For his part, MP Ahmed al-Jubouri noted that university education requires a full-time adherents through select specific seats in order to compete to be filled according to the mechanism specified by the Ministries of Interior and Higher Education.

He urged MP Diaa al-Asadi to open the way for university graduates to apply for the security services with the possibility of providing opportunities for affiliates to complete their studies.

In its response to the observations of the Committee on confirmed taking into consideration the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives Notes in order to mature the law.
The Presidency has decided to postpone the second reading of a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies and provided Legal Committee until a meeting next week in the presence of the heads of parliamentary blocs and under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council to take a final position on the bill.

The Council voted on a resolution submitted by the deputy of 50 and with the support of Legal Committee includes sufficiency read the report on the draft law and to discuss the material contained in it instead of reading the bill a second reading in order to improve the performance of the House of Representatives and the effective use of time plenary meeting, according to is the case in some parliaments.

The Board completed the second reading of the draft private universities and colleges and law submitted by the committees of Higher Legal Education.

In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs, MP Riad Ghraib demanded reconsideration of the position of the universities and colleges that have been Tasseha in the last period of the violation as stated in the current bill.

MP Abboud al-Issawi to the importance for universities to be civil financial independence to achieve its goals.

He commended MP Fares Alberfkana on the draft law and its objectives in the advancement of science knowledge and the requirement that private universities do not turn to commercial projects, stressing the importance of quality assurance and specialized in the joints to reach the excellent level of higher education.

The MP pointed out that Mohammed Naji depends on the vertical rather than horizontal construction to reduce the space in the building, alluding to determine the curriculum in community colleges and government to be matched counterparts She suggested the MP Nada Antar determine service serves as dean of the faculty of civil Ban of not less than 5 years.

For its part, stressed the MP Iqbal Abdul Hussein that the current law has not seen radically in the structure of the law currently in force, but in terms of inclusion of foreign universities.

She called MP Hamdiya Husseini to the need to include only the bill of trade unions recognized by the competent department of the Council of Ministers.

She olive-Dulaimi, the deputy to the importance of universities for approvals and to ensure recognition of the importance that the performance of students of government and private colleges for the final exam together.

The MP stressed Ashwaq dry on the importance of the Ministry of Education in recognition of the federal government colleges and universities in the region to which they apply the necessary conditions.

In turn, drew MP Dhafer al-Ani said Iraqi universities currently suffer from the weakness of the scientific sobriety which requires tightening of conditions to be provided in the founding of universities and community colleges.

In its response to the Committee on the interventions it confirmed the presence on the issue of allowing postgraduate studies in colleges split noting the presence of a big problem on the issue of the recognition of universities, including the universities in the Kurdistan region.

The Committee noted that the universities and colleges will not be subject to the investment law, but the law scheduled to vote on it confirmed that foreign colleges contained in the draft law would not be within the new establishment, but the opening of branches in Iraq.

He MP Abbas al-Bayati, to the need to settle the issue of the possibility of allowing the law to traders and charities and academic figures established universities and community colleges.

Mr. Rahim led Sehud needed, who belongs to a coalition of citizen entity of the Iraqi National Congress for the province of Baghdad sworn deputies in the House of Representatives a substitute for the deceased deputy Ahmad Chalabi.

Then he made the MP Rahim Sehud speech he praised the advantages of the late Rep. Ahmed Chalabi and his actions in fighting the former regime and to contribute to the liberalization of Iraq.

Read ladies and gentlemen MPs Al-Fatiha in memory of the deceased spirit of the House of Representatives late MP Ahmad Chalabi.

The Board began the second reading of the draft general amnesty law and submitted by the legal and human rights committees that are discussed in the session on Saturday.

Mr. Jubouri face to convene a meeting of the heads of parliamentary blocs on Sunday to discuss the request from the National Minorities on the card and the law of the three presidencies of the Federal Court as well as the general amnesty law.

The Council introduced the subject of the Authority for the Protection of National peaceful coexistence and the fight against extremism and terrorism, submitted by the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs.

The MP pointed Abdel Azim, head of Healing Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs that the Committee will hold a panel discussion to discuss the matter in the presence of the Presidency, pointing out that the Commission held a series of meetings in order to establish the national body was to protect the peaceful coexistence and the fight against extremism and terrorism linked to the Council of Representatives.

He MP and Healing that the body was seeking to release the intellectual and ideological foundations, which calls for unity, tolerance and address the roots of violence and terrorism and the condemnation of religious and political speech, which is fueling terrorism and extremism and cooperation with the provincial councils in achieving its objectives and to provide moral support to the security forces and the crowd and popular Peshmerga and clans and curriculum development at the level of education and education.

For his part, MP Ali Hoalah that the Authority is working to protect the peaceful coexistence and the development of her work rules specify that meetings on the dates of committee oversees Awqaf and committees and other competent on the functioning of the Authority.

In another matter, President al-Jubouri called to calm the warring parties in the district of Tuz and wisdom and stop the bloodshed and settle their differences.

Then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Saturday 11/14/2015.

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