Scales News / published version of the 50 thousand dinars category details

11.12.2015 at 12:17 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
General manager of the issuance of the currency at the central bank Imran Ahsan, on Thursday, that the trading of 50 thousand dinars category will be early next month.

He said Imran's / scales News /, that "this category of job categories for the advancement of the economy in the country," noting that "a positive step, the issuance of this category for the development of turnover."

He added, "This step will increase the strength of the Iraqi currency structure and reduces the use of the dollar in the Iraqi street While the former currencies on what will be unchanged."

He continued, "The 50th is a high-class specifications for security and aesthetic quality and contain pictures of the most important Iraq Tigris and Euphrates rivers landmarks."

He pointed out that "this project will achieve great success in the conduct of the Iraqi currency path in order to be equal to the other currencies."

The central bank announced yesterday Banknotes version of the 50 new class thousand dinars. It ended 29 / W 23