The citizen and the Liberals: We hear the endeavors of Abadi and do not know its details will not be overfed National Alliance

11/11/2015 (21:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / Wael grace

It helped the reports about the efforts made by Prime Minister al-Abadi for the formation of a broad front from traditional allies to pass his reforms, to quell the escalation that faced from different political parties. But there are no clear details so far about the form of this new alliance, no clear signals on the assurances provided by the Abadi partners who Afahm mystery too.
And denies the parties in the National Alliance possess adequate information on those alleged front, but it is Atervd idea of creating a new block on condition of compromising the National Alliance.

Does not rule out the Shiite parties to be talking about just "a media stir" political front, noting that this front Nothingness her on the land Indeed.

In turn it recognized the Sunni lists that it took the echo in the media more than its size, despite confirmation delivered Abadi, a list of seven conditions in return for entering into a new coalition.

Leaders in the coalition forces and says that Iraq's Sunnis have precedents in the slough partners for their agreements, reminding the decisions of the Convention on Arbil in 2010 , and the terms of Maaraf to "national card" that allowed slaves to form his government in September 2014 and confirms Sunni forces it would not negotiate with "political bloc," This time, it would seek to take pledges directly from the prime minister Haider al-Abadi. It stresses that it is still awaiting a response from the Prime Minister for seven terms.

Abadi and the Dawa Party and started talking about forming a political front to push reforms after the emergence of differences within the Dawa Party, against the backdrop of Nuri al-Maliki's refusal to Vice President Abadi's decision to abolish the posts of Vice President of the Republic. And the impact of state law, the prime minister asked to clarify his statement for the loss of money the country in the past years because of donations, "the commander of necessity" that understand as a reference to the former predecessor.

The increased tension with the other in the National Alliance parties after leaking details of the new salary scale and the reduction of the popular crowd and set allocations figures in sensitive sites in isolation from the largest parliamentary bloc.

And threatened 60 deputies in the state law, the withdrawal of a parliamentary mandate for Abadi and Omhluwa the last 72 hours to answer questions they gave him. But this escalation retreat after a meeting of the Dawa party and the parties in the rule of law agreed to stop the escalation and to form a committee to resolve differences between Abadi al-Maliki.

And move the Prime Minister to convene a meeting rarely with the outskirts of the Sunni alliance on the same day of the parliamentary vote to uphold the legislative Beslahaath. This meeting was followed by a surprise visit to Najaf-Abadi, last Saturday, where he met with religious references with the exception of al-Sistani. He also met also both of cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, and guide the Virtue Party, Sheikh Mohammed al-Yacoubi.

Exciting media and vegetative says MP Hamid, head of the parliamentary bloc of the citizen (range) that he does not have information about the new alliance with the prime minister to support the reforms. "Maybe it's just exciting informational meetings and we have not seen Horarat that regard."

Deputies, current on the mass of citizens such as Muhammad Jawad Albzona Allkash and do not have the accurate information about the new alliance. But Albzona says (range) that "close to al-Maliki, seeking to thwart al-Abadi reforms and the time is appropriate now to find a mass stampede for the Prime Minister and procedures."

The Supreme Council had said earlier that he does not want "to withdraw confidence from the prime minister," and invited him to communicate with parliament and political blocs to achieve the reforms and "successful government."

The condition of the Council the application of five items to enter into a partnership with Abadi to achieve the reforms, which are serious, inclusiveness and the root as well as legal and constitutional, "the Supreme Council of the view that the" new front "that the Prime Minister is trying to set up, will be transformed to the political front and not only parliamentary. expecting that "the new front paint a general steps the government and the implementation and Parliament legislation."

For his part, says MP Majid al-Gharawi, a member of the Liberal bloc (range), that he "heard about the existence of efforts and talks to form a new front," but denies knowledge of the details of this alliance.

But MP Awad al-Awadi, the other member of the Liberal bloc, confirms in contact with the (range) to support its mass to the presence of a new front of reforms "on condition that moving away from sectarianism and regionalism labels."

notes al-Awadi, that "the new coalition does not mean in any way of cases, abandonment of the National Alliance or weaken but on the contrary, but rather to strengthen the government and the coalition.

"The member of the Liberal bloc that" some parties are afraid of their audience in the announcement of its entry into a new broad alliances.

"On the back of news that has been circulating for the appointment of Imad Khersan of the Secretariat of Council of Ministers, said a senior member of the political body of the Liberal bloc that "the prime minister Haider al-Abadi no longer discusses the Parties National Alliance and closed the door on a group of advisers".

Terms Forces Union during that says Mohammed al-Karbouli, the leader of the coalition forces, "Coalition waiting Re-Abadi on the seven conditions given by the last week and the announcement of the front forming officially.

"Confirms Karbouli, in an interview for the (long), that" the new alliance has not yet been constituted and that it took the echo of the media is greater than its size, "expected" The parties to this alliance is made ​​up of Sadrists and the Supreme Council of Sunni powers in addition to some quarters of the rule of law.

"And guarantees the achievement of the conditions of entry in the new alliance, says the head of the parliamentary solution that" repudiation promises repeated more than once, but this time we will not negotiate with the block and we will take pledges from Abadi directly.

"Reveals MP Anbar that" the prime minister said the coalition forces that he is committed to all the agreements that preceded the formation of the government and national paper, which was formed on the light of the current government.

"The A coalition of Iraqi forces, last week, a list of seven demands as a condition for approval of the Front political, which Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi seeks to set up to ensure the "parliamentary cover" for his reforms recently stumbled.

It was agreed the prime minister and the largest Sunni to form a joint committee to follow up the implementation conditions and start drawing under the new coalition blocs.

She spoke demands about the need to provide relief financially for the displaced, and re-displaced to rock cliff, Diyala, Salahuddin and belt of Baghdad, and the involvement of the Sunni tribes in the popular crowd and commitment to agreed a 50 thousand fighters of the Sunni component of the total 120 thousand, and the release of innocent people who have not been convicted, as well as taking into account the balance in the distribution of special grades, and the opening of a bridge corridor Bzabz in front of the displaced.