Back to aatasht figures on corruption and with considerable influence in the Government

Political sources in Baghdad early in the parliamentary integrity Commission, said Wednesday that Al Huda Bank is due to political figures and influential in the current Government, saying it was one of the largest banks that benefited from corruption in Iraq.
A "sky press" source as saying that the "mystery that revolves around a Bank of guidance and lack of accountability where it is defaulting to major figures in the Government and influential high", noting that "the Bank forged instruments used and the names of people recently died".
The source said on condition of anonymity, that "the Bank is one of the largest banks that aatasht on corruption in Iraq", adding that "the Chairman of the Finance Committee, the late Ahmad Chalabi put the microscope on the papers that established lists of bank managers".
It is worth noting that there is a mysterious relationship linking the Iraqi Central Bank and the commercial bank of Huda holder on one side and the Central Bank auction Commission which on the other hand, the parliamentary Finance Committee, denied Wednesday, possession of the late mp Ahmed Chalabi corrupted files personal or political party condemns.