Al-Jabouri: reforms need to speed implementation and external support

The Federation said House speaker, Salim Al-jubouri, the need for reforms to speed implementation and support abroad. Al-jubouri, said Wednesday, in a speech at the Symposium established the Parliamentary Committee on foreign relations held themed (foreign policy and counter-terrorism strategy), and attended by a number of researchers and academics, the "new reform plan that emphasized its support through the House with parking and instructive parallel reform paper, still need to accelerate the pace and time investment and specialized initiative and professionalism" and added "there is no doubt that foreign policy played an important role in supporting these reforms through opening up to the world and normalizing relations with some parties Regional and diplomatic opportunities greater Iraq through exchanging embassies with States still hesitant this step and opening wider Arab ensures the integration of Iraq in Arabic Arab session shall take leadership as an effective and important country in the Arabic League ".
The head of the House, that "the existence of the challenge of terrorism makes us narrow options in our relationships with others and impose the conditions exceeds and choices in our relationships with others once in another, the danger that threatens us all new commitments between international donors and imposed a different pattern of relationships, to protect the existence and confront hypotheses collapse".

He pointed out that "confront the causes of terrorism requires a broader diplomatic effort wealakatia and more focused, and we have already with a number of State legislatures and parliaments, the draft law for the prevention of international terrorism in other nursery extremism will continue producing generations of hardcore and recycles errors of Justice and injustice, unemployment to ideas of bomb in a series role, unless we address the problem and causes and etiology of extremist ideology and tackle their origin".
He added that "Iraq's relations with neighboring countries specifically should be based on the permanent interests and common destiny, and to avoid temptation situation beyond the border, loyalty must be first to Iraq and there is no reason why the State should build relations with this or that party," but by saying "but it's dangerous to domestic political parties the task of foreign diplomacy, builds each party State system-independent relationships with particular parties, with each party or entity or component Governed by the a relationship to a State approaching belonging to beyond the border, and then lose the compass and have each party plan from a particular State and turns the country into a regional conflict and the absence of national interest and here it must be said that every international player looking for his interests first, and limited support to the claimant or by any State on account of national interest is drawn behind the illusion ".