Parliament preparing to hold a Conference of opponents in Baghdad and excludes the armed factions and be devoted daash

Awaiting parliamentary approval of the reconciliation committee headed by Parliament to hold a Conference in Baghdad involving "opposition figures" excludes "from stained with Iraqi blood on their hands" and "swore daash". According to the proposal of Parliament will attend the Conference for a broader conference be attended by diplomatic missions and representatives of the United Nations.
(Range) obtained a copy of the proposal made by the Parliamentary Committee to the Presidency of Parliament.
The proposal refers to the sending for by Parliament through the financial and moral support to be endorsed by the President and his two deputies as well as to the Commission on national reconciliation and accountability and justice for the convening of a Conference on dialogue.
The proposed text calls "naming of the Foreign Relations Committee and Committee on committees help clans to arrange for the holding of the Conference with a Committee of the General Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies, representing the Presidency, to coordinate with the Commission in the preparation of the budget of the Conference and the necessary logistical support".
The proposed rename requests the representative of the Commission on the follow-up to and implementation of the national reconciliation in the Office of the Prime Minister with a timetable for holding a regular meeting between the Commission and the Presidency to inform them of what has been achieved.
The proposal stipulates that "the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies went by the Reconciliation Commission, accountability and Justice invited to attend the Conference, which will be renamed the characters through the lists that receive the Presidency of the Conference and agreed by the Commission".

Attorney says Maser Sultan, Member of the Parliamentary Commission, that "our Committee submitted a proposal to the Presidency of the Council of representatives to convene a Conference for national dialogue with the participation of some House committees", noting that "the proposed conference brought to national reconciliation with some Iraqi figures".
Sultan said that "the Presidency of the Council of representatives will respond to this proposal for the purpose of initiating preparations for the holding of the Conference", pointing out that "the venue of this Conference will be in Baghdad".
He is a member of the Reconciliation Committee that "the holding of the national dialogue conference in Baghdad would be followed by an International Conference last for activating national reconciliation with the participation of the ambassadors and representatives of the United Nations in the presence of opposition figures to the political process, with the exception of their hands stained with the blood of the Iraqi people and terrorist groups, daash swore". Strongly denying "the participation of armed factions in Congress".
For his part, demonstrates the alsenjary Knight, mp, Member of the national reconciliation, "the idea of the Conference was discussed within the National Reconciliation Commission in the presence of the speaker of the House".
Alsenjary said, in an interview for (range), that "the agreement with the President of the Chamber of Deputies was preparing to hold a Conference of national reconciliation involving tribal figures, academic and civil society organizations to develop appropriate ground for a large and comprehensive". And a member of the Reconciliation Committee that "major conference will join several parliamentary committees send invitations to some tribal figures and academic stakeholders in society", stressing that "calls be excluded with Iraqi blood on their hands".

In turn, says mp Salem Al-Issawi, the head of the block dialog, the "principle of national reconciliation, the Government did not know what I mean, is it with politicians or with the people?".
He said Al-Issawi, told the (term), "became the subject of national reconciliation is loosely used for campaign and get some financial allocations by previous Governments which had not yet done the correct form of reconciliation".
Deputy finds Anbar that "national reconciliation lies in the legislation of some important laws, such as accountability, justice and Amnesty and not appease political figures".
The President stresses that parliamentary dialogue mass "we want national reconciliation is the scientific competencies and officers return to their posts and positions", pointing out that "the concept of national reconciliation Pat unknown to Government and Parliament".
And the intention of the House of representatives adopted a national reconciliation conference, mp Al-Issawi, saying "I do not agree with these invitations because they must begin with the concept of citizenship and the other is the recognition and grant all rights without discrimination or conditions".
And that "previous periods have seen fictional funds for national reconciliation but exploited to promote personal or party or of another character". 9%86-%D9%81%D9%8A-%D8%A8%D8%BA