Al-Jabouri: Iraq's relations with neighboring countries should be based on the permanent interests

Top House speaker Salim Al-jubouri, on Wednesday, the Symposium established the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, which was held under the heading of foreign policy and the strategy against terrorism, and which was attended by a number of Deputies and researchers and academicians. And the transfer of Al-jubouri's Office quoted the statement {forat news} on the Parliament speaker as saying at the Symposium "there is no doubt that the enormous difficulties and dangerous challenges make the drafting process of diplomatic behaviour case harder, put obstacles in our path towards an open foreign policy interests desired on face which serves Iraq and brings his goodness and happiness". He stressed that "the process of foreign policy in conditions of peace different from the process in the circumstances of the fight over conflicts and problems, the task becomes harder and have then search for balance, that is the goal and may need to leave a lot of steps to achieve interests, because of the desire to avoid risks and mistakes". "Strange new behavior is shaped in the foreign policy of certain countries depends not only on economic interests and may not be not on them and not the other parties benefit, perhaps a mirror all results for ideological reasons, and this is worrying and dangerous reduces chances of success if industry consensus between the States of the region and the world to resolve any obviously be common interests are the Foundation." He said that "the existence of the challenge Terrorism makes us narrow options in our relationships with others and impose the conditions exceeds and choices in our relationships with others once in another, the danger that threatens us all new commitments between international donors and imposed a different pattern of relationships, to protect the existence and confront hypotheses ". He noted that "it is hoped to convene a session of the Federation of Islamic parliaments in Baghdad increases the chances of Iraq and of the region in formulating a clear international agreement towards the problems of the Middle East in particular, for many reasons, firstly we hub and top the antithesis in the face of terrorism globally and we paid a heavy price because of the occupation of our land or displacement of our people, we offered thousands of martyrs and victims, it is high time that the international community recognizes the need for greater and wider support to rid the world of terrorism by stand with us And from this principle we renew the invitation to States members of the Union of Muslim parliaments need to make this effective lobby, we our days with a number of States in the region and we have received positive signals into successful Forum of Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union session in Baghdad. "Confront the causes of terrorism requires a broader diplomatic effort wealakatia and more focused, and we have already with a number of State legislatures and parliaments to draft an international act {to prevent terrorism} otherwise remain nursery extremism produce generations of hardcore and recycles errors of Justice and injustice, unemployment to ideas of bomb in a series role not The end of it, unless we address the problem and causes and etiology of extremist ideology and tackle their origin. " And completed by saying "there is no doubt that the conflict in the region because our new problem more difficult task of managing international relations and put us in embarrassed with friends and allies and brothers in time do not want to lose it, parties of the region in a matter shall not conflict with the growing profile of the threat of terrorism and the occupation of land wide of Iraq and Syria, at a time when we desperately need international agreement for support, but entering the case of conflict between Poles holding the scene and don't hesitate To say that the first beneficiaries of this conflict are daash, we therefore call upon international and regional poles to invoke the language of interest to indigenous peoples, international peace and security are closely linked with the understanding on a clear strategy to confront disaster daash, leaving over influence in this area and that, at least until we get rid of the menace of terrorism and get to the riverbank, then any party political entrenchment on the form it deems appropriate with reconciliation. " "Iraq's relations with neighboring countries specifically should be based on the permanent interests and common destiny, and to avoid temptation situation beyond the border, loyalty must be first to Iraq and there is no reason why the State should build relations with this or that party, but dangerous to domestic political parties the task of foreign diplomacy, builds each party State system-independent relationships with particular parties. "The new reform plan that emphasized its support through the House with parking and instructive parallel reform paper, still needs to quicken the pace and time investment and specialized and professional initiative.