In the presence of Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee will hold a seminar entitled Iraq's foreign policy and challenges phase of Representatives

It held the Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday morning 11/11/2015 and under the auspices of Mr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the House of Representatives a seminar entitled (Iraq's foreign policy challenges and phase) of the Constitutional Hall.

In the presence of ladies and gentlemen members of the committee and a number of professors, experts and researchers at the Universities of Baghdad and Mesopotamia.

And I opened the symposium Mr. Speaker stressed the word "that the current phase experiencing great difficulties and serious challenges make the process of drafting the diplomatic conduct the case more difficult, and put obstacles in our way external Nhossiash open to achieve the desired interest on the face, which serves Iraq and brings him Aljersaadh."

Sovereignty and added that "Iraq's relations with neighboring countries in particular should be based on the basis of permanent interests and Asthoudaralamsaralamstrk, and avoid being misled with the case beyond the border, loyalty must be first to Iraq and Sharing to build the state a special relationship with this Aomak party, but dangerous important that the internal political parties with the task of foreign diplomacy and build the all-party independent relationships for Mnzawmhath with certain parties, so that all facets party must have Omkon doomed relationship is approaching a state of belonging to what he Raalhdod, and then we will lose the compass and have each party his plan of a particular State Awithol country into an arena regional conflict and the absence of national interest. "

And the price of sovereignty of the Commission's efforts in the establishment of this symposium, where he said "I thank my sisters and my brothers and my colleagues in the Foreign Relations Committee to set up this task consultative seminar at a time when we are the greatest need Mancon to such initiatives which I hope will turn into a course of action and decisions centered to the decisions flowing into the strengthening of foreign policy Iraqi in this circumstance is difficult and sensitive of the history of our dear country."

She stressed the MP Iqbal Abdul Hussein planned the Foreign Relations Committee, in a speech Committee that Iraq is exposed in the present day to the great challenges require everyone to deal with them into responsible and the spirit is willing to bear the burden of high and to the dangers that beset him from every side.

"It's at a time when Iraq is being subjected to the most violent terrorist attack by an external barbaric gangs cross-border and funded and supported by the governed agendas hostile to the interests of the country's states, we are faced with mobility considerable public calling for reform at the level of improving services and promoting economic situation and create jobs by finding climate conducive to the expansion of the scope of investment and development of the industrial and agricultural sectors."

She stressed that the Committee had been since the beginning of the new election cycle to host many researchers, academics and continuing to hold meetings with them, where they were a great asset in providing advice in the legislation of laws and mature ideas and expand political, security and military viewing angle.

She continued, "that this comes in the context of faith Committee Bembdia integration and specialization in institutional work, where he was opening up to the academics and specialists of foreign policy for a more literal one of the values ​​adopted by the Commission.

And presented during the symposium four-leaf dialogue included paper conversational introduction of Dr. Hussein Allawi, head of research and political studies department at the University of Mesopotamia entitled "A Study in the foreign policy of counter-terrorism perspective," while Dr. Yasser Abdul Hussein presented a paper talk entitled (diplomatic war on terror).

And Dr. Abdul Jabbar Ahmed, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Baghdad and paper talk entitled "Iraqi Foreign Nhossiash effective with Turkey."

As Dr. Aziz Jabr Vest presented a paper entitled "Regional relations with neighboring countries, Turkey model".

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