The most dangerous thief Iraqi funds "Yasser Hamad al-Moussawi" suspicious bank and its relations with the guidance of the Central Bank

11-11-2015 04:30 PM

Responsible revealed at the CBI sources, about what it described as 'suspicious relationship' between Yasser Hamad al-Moussawi Huda commercial bank manager on the one hand, and the Central Bank and the Committee of the auction in which the other.

The sources said in a press statement I followed the news, that 'Hamad al-Moussawi, announced last Thursday, November 4, from the open doors of the bank until 8 pm to take over the Iraqi currency immediate and delivery of hard currency, and the rate is low compared to the exchange rate that day.'

The sources added that 'this suspicious process confused sell the currency market, and reflected negatively on the situation of traders who are working to stabilize the market and the price of the Iraqi dinar exchange', noting that the process 'is a fallacy measurements traded in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq'.

She explained that 'This event raised questions about the Central Bank and the Committee of the auction and which did not prevent Huda Bank from entering the auction daily, and ensured his share continuously not to be ruled out for the auction, but rarely', pointing out that the 'Committee of the Central Bank auction gives preference clear Bank Huda, did not stand by any Iraqi bank last '.

The sources pointed out that the 'Hamid al-Musawi almost daily seen on the central mysteries and special instructions', pointing out that 'some officials in the bank they slipped to his bank Huda Hamad al-Moussawi'.

The sources pointed out that the 'suspicious meeting Hamad al-Moussawi collection, accompanied by Abu Rami owner exchange Baghdad office, nearly a month ago, with the auctions at the CBI, which had told the two men copywriters urgent Srdhma of the governor of the bank, and that they carry out instructions contained therein', saying it 'documented This meeting, image, audio, and it will reveal it later '.

It is said that the leader of the National Congress Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee late Ahmad Chalabi work before his death, to expose the bank manager Huda Hamad al-Moussawi, calling B'okhtr thief Iraqi funds'.

And a parliamentary official source revealed two days ago, for the purchase of Huda Bank an amount of more than five billion dollars of central bank bills 'false' and the names of persons 'newly deceased'.