Parliamentary Finance reveal the results of its meeting held today
Date: 11/11/2015 16:32

Finance Committee, unveiled Wednesday, on the outcome of its meeting held today to discuss the financial budget for next year and prepared for the second reading in the House of Representatives, while suggesting that it will hold its second meeting on Sunday to complete the study going forward.

The committee member said Sarhan Ahmad told / information / "The Finance Committee held its first meeting today after the arrival of the general budget of the House of Representatives in order to study and develop mechanisms that could be on the basis of the money distributed among ministries and government institutions," pointing out that "the Commission has identified next Sunday the date for holding its second meeting for the purpose of completing the study on the financial budget. "

He added Sarhan, a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, that "the Finance Committee decided to set up sub-committees composed of three members to follow the ministries and government institutions expenses and discuss allocated to each of the Ministry of Finance budget," noting that "the sub-committees will begin examining the Department of Defense budget and the Ministries of Interior and Education and Health , in addition to the Ministry of Electricity. " Finished / 25's