Sadrists: Maliki will not be back as prime minister again

Brother - Baghdad - According to a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security, a professor Majid Ghraoui not the possibility of the return of the former prime minister to office again.

Said Ghraoui in a press statement that in the case that the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the current separation of Haidar al-Abbadi of the Dawa party or a coalition of state law, he can not return to the presidency again, "noting it was" unlikely and unrealistic command during the current phase."

He Ghraoui "The current Prime Minister has a number of supporters within the National Alliance and a coalition of state law, in particular, as well as other parliamentary blocs as a union of Iraqi forces and the Kurdistan Alliance," stressing that "past work and will not can not al-Maliki, but like other to change without parliament approval of the".--end.