Parliamentary economy proposes to grant the employee half his salary in dollars to prevent bleeding currency
Date: 11/11/2015 12:29

Revealed high Nassif MP for the National Alliance, on Wednesday, on a proposal by the Commission on the granting of employee half his salary in hard currency (the dollar) and the other half in Iraqi currency to eliminate the phenomenon of bleeding currency, as well as recycling and currency Modv take advantage of them rather than private banks.
Said committee member Deputy High Nassif told / information /, that "the economic and investment commission submitted a proposal to the parliament on stopping the currency sale by the central bank to private banks to the fact that this process is still drains hard currency and smuggled abroad multiple fraudulent operations."
"The proposed included granting the employee half his salary and the other half the hard currency in Iraqi currency and thus will rotate in the currency market, as well as the discharge of the employee benefit from the currency and thus will be maintained on the hard currency of bleeding that practiced by private banks." Finished / 25 m