Head block citizen emphasizes the need for engaging the international effort to support Iraq

With the Summit President Latin Arabic block representative Hamid al-khodari citizen need engaging international effort in Latin Arabic Summit to support Iraq. Khodari said that "Iraq today is undergoing a significant role in defending freedom against aldwaash Islams, and engaging the international effort to support Iraq in its war against terrorism in the Holy Summit Latin Arabic in Riyadh until we return to the region in General."

He stressed the need to support Iraq politically, economically, and stop paying terrorists into Iraq, and decisions to put pressure on the United Nations to find resolutions to stand against daash and take serious steps to support Iraq. And President Fouad Massoum arrived in Riyadh to take part in the Summit recalled that Arabic-Latin Summit of South American and Arabic is a forum for political coordination between the countries of both regions {Arabic, Latin America region}, is also a mechanism for cooperation in the fields of economy, culture, education, science and technology, environmental protection and tourism