Raise the hand of a judge to hide the corruption of files relating to money laundering


(Independent) .. revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi about lifting the hand from one of the judges to hide the corruption of files, especially money laundering in cooperation with the Federal Court.

Said al-Tamimi told him the permit (the media center of the political body of the Sadrist movement), "said the parliamentary Finance Committee correspondence with several banks to keep track of the amounts obtained from the central bank auction and several related issues," noting that "the committee do its work confidentially and out of sight ".

She pointed out that "the Commission has taken many measures in preparation for the submission of corrupt people to justice," indicating "that the government did not take long to provide assistance and support to the Committee after the submission of evidence of the existence of corruption."

Tamimi said, "The Commission was able to raise the hand of one of the judges concerned private files money laundering to hide the corruption of files in the Rusafa appeal court in collusion with corrupt people in Lebanon," she said, "take the necessary legal procedures against him in cooperation with the Federal Court."