In the world of the reforms Parliament pardoned people and swear in the name of religion!

Iraq today/special is that half of Parliament with abuse reforms similarly popular "our unfaltering attachment to enable"!? The facts that confirm him trying to tongue her embellishment, parliamentary terms, which seems to be the most important source of authorities. People!!

Attorney for the State of law Coalition-Rehab alabodh, found that "continuity of reforms, is indispensable to the steps of the legislature and the Executive. Respective ", although this means that ranged from reforms in place until further notice. It may be forever, but we will read in an interview with the Deputy us, signs of the relationship between Parliament and the screw between the reform: "reform is inevitable, we must proceed with them, and not harm the integrity of the legislative and operational reform steps, as the constitutional powers of the Executive, and its responsibilities towards his country and his people", Deputy State law, making up him that: "the continuing emphasis of religious reference for the continuity of reforms, a clear demonstration of its relevance and its positive impact on the overall situation", despite the reforms, dinosaur extinct by facts, The mp insisted he stillAccessible: "

To continue to reflect positive situation for the interaction of authorities with the legitimate demands of the masses ", and thus not to be reminded of the reader, that supported religious reference in Karbala, Abdel Mahdi karbalai,-had called on the legislature to" failure to take the necessary constitutional and legal aspects of the reforms, an excuse to circumvent the reforms ", he said in a sermon last Friday by a saucer Husseini in Karbala: " I've been stressed from the outset that the reforms are going on trails not graduated by the constitutional and legal frameworks, but stressed that does not take the necessary constitutional and legal aspect taken into account by the legislature, an excuse to circumvent the reforms, taking advantage of the declining public pressure at this time ", and also mention that:" the House of representatives voted on a resolution in the second this month, reaffirms its support for the reforms in accordance with the Constitution, consistent with the aspirations of the people, and denies having any legislative powers delegated To any implementer, calling on all authorities to observe their work in accordance with the Constitution ".