O Prime. You need to stream a mighty popular. Others understand that the survival of Al-Abbadi was Prime Minister no longer play in advocacy and law block

By/from Tahrir square needs President Dr. Haydar Al-Abadi to stop popular and responsible national politician to face the stream in «rule of law» seeks to topple him because men as they "exceeded" the will of the party's Secretary General Nuri al-Maliki abolished the post of Vice President as a breach of the agreement counted his presidency and departure from the will of the law and the party or the party with the Ibadi form Iraqi Government one year ago, the National Alliance and not the law!

Popular and political stand requires determined survival Abadi as Prime Minister to explain to the others in a State of law and the stream offset President Abadi that issue no longer «game inside a block call and law» as far as the game turned into a national issue and the option to stream popular mighty stand against advocacy, law, law call for the continuation of the Government of the next President of the majority Alliance.

Now it seems the political landscape within the «rule of law» gray, no clear vision and no unit position and no political relaxation to deal with the matter on the basis of national interests see (individual) which prevailed in the end see the community!

In fact it wasn't the current scene (Act) different from the image of the same scene Eve recognizes brother Abadi Cabinet withdrawal of Community law add to resort shore Shahrastani block National Alliance to form a parliamentary majority «127» position was like gray current position and not a political stance or partisan unit of ads Abadi Shahristani accept challenge and ads «semi separation» about Al-Maliki's State of law and the will of the dominant holding force on the block!

Therefore, the possibility of applying the Declaration of secession from the party and the law did not block his candidacy primarily is the first requirement that President Abadi go to ensure the establishment of a new national coalition the largest National Alliance which proved the Alliance «interests» not an Alliance for the home!.
Here I say to Al-Abbadi brother if you want to be Prime Minister of the national coalition, the folk sislkonk by their sight, their fingers and their plots and they will put you under the hammer to put pressure on you as you was placed underneath to force him to accept their conditions and implement their orders and their interests.

They also tell him that the environment of the current Iraqi National Alliance — «the Shiite majority desperate environment is the possibility of a national coalition after this failure represents the significant representation of the situation, through the entire political and breakdowns and frustrations and disappointments that Iraqis feel the presence of Alliance MPs but beatable Alliance Ghalib to level the possibility of providing a clear vision towards service and system development and meet the important issues of Iraqi society.

The Abadi cannot build this coalition «sweeping» only if minimum return «reform» in the Iraqi Street has many first shift the burden was perched on the Iraqi financial necks and is the location of the Vice-Presidents and the money collected by offices in fanfare are most powerful in the history of the Iraqi State. No flour!

As a writer I guarantee for Shiite Al-Abbadi to win a second term with the powers of the larger National Alliance coalition if approached pulse Street over and fought for a bagel and the needs of poor people, and descended to the street and put the vision for reform outside advisers wall!.

My brother Al Abbadi.

I have provided the vision for the national unity Government to Parliament and received unanimous majority vision national forces and then formed a Government of national unity despite some hatred and hatred of others and fast violation of regional States and unwillingness by coming, why not put your vision for reform in the House to achieve two objectives. Embarrass House blockade you withdraw credentials and certainly before the Iraqi community that you want to repair the State but there stands against the reform in the House?!

You want to go to the House to make paper where your priorities in reform, and requests the Board to vote in open session and before the Iraqi tv and media here roadkill of vote on reform priorities in the eyes of the nation will be strong attitude in front of people who wait for you to achieve those promises.
Confident that the Iraqis will stand with you because they want to repatriate man (just the Alliance) called wrongfully National Alliance requirement to abandon restrictions link party of wanting to keep you under the hammer of political pressure to succeed then you need to rebel Valor and you graduate school Mr. Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr and the Islamic call revolutionaries and their jihadist "» in the 1980s!.

That prowess is that Iraqis will "lowliest" robbed and killed them, they neglected their land and national sovereignty and the fate of national soil and future generations.
You need to stream popular mighty to rid itself of corruption and hacks political pressure aimed at your head!

This power is the vacuum will fill the widespread party» we need in our national life and fill your lungs with air of self-confidence because you need a special kind of trust by relying on the broad audience of Iraqi people qualify your heart do the heaviest inundations difficult and puts you on the edge of elimination of corruption and pressure groups!

Not in front of this option. Remain Chew (age the interest) in the Alliance and throw you lost ships in Tahrir Street!.