After the wrath of the street. Abbadi is the unification of the State employees ' salaries, in coordination with the Parliament

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi form a Committee to write a new bill for the salaries of State employees. and prime source of «directly competent Committee to reformulate a common law, as a substitute for the current 2008 rate law, "Noting that" the Committee, composed of representatives from several ministries including finance, planning, action, and the House of representatives, in addition to a number of advisers-Abadi, would complete the Bill by the middle of next year. "said Prime Minister Haider Abadi touched during a meeting with Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Juburi Sunday To subject the new salary scale, which caused uproar among employees, promising to involve Parliament in the most important pillars of the new law, before a vote within the Council of Ministers., between the source that Abbadi had promised to prepare a draft law in coordination with the competent parliamentary committees, to pave the way for House passage», «Abadi seeks to reduce disparities in average salaries among State officials all».