Parliamentary integrity affirms the difficulty of recovering funds smuggled foreign demands to address the States to return

Parliamentary integrity Commission emphasized the difficulty of recovering the money smuggled to Iraq, urging the Foreign Ministry to address the friendly Nations for the return of such funds, said Committee member mp Mohammed that '' there are difficulties in retrieving the money smuggled either money order or funds of financial and administrative corruption ", adding that" this will require more effort and coordination between the bodies and competent authorities, whether at home or abroad for the return of such funds. "he added that" there is a Directorate in body integrity respect work Iraq smuggled funds recovery However, the work of the Directorate is not the level of ambition, calling on the Foreign Ministry to address the States friendly to Iraq to help restore smuggled money. it is noteworthy that the heads of the three presidencies Fouad Massoum, Haidar Al-Abadi and Salim al-Jabouri had promised during their election to their posts according to their programmes to fight corruption and punish corrupt and clean government departments and institutions, and pledged to open a new page of relations with neighbouring States and regional States and the rest of the world in accordance with the interests of Iraq and as directed by the religious reference.