Iraqi judiciary opened an investigation into the 41 document related to corruption issues
NOVEMBER 10, 2015

BAGHDAD - Anatolia - decided the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq, Tuesday, forming a panel to investigate judicial, to look at the 41 official document, dating back to the Chairman of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Ahmed Chalabi, who died last Tuesday in Baghdad, relates to money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency issues , across the Iraqi Central Bank auction.

The judge said, Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, a spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council in a statement issued Tuesday that he "decide the composition of the judicial inquiry, to look at those documents which amounts to the number of pages (41) page, after trading ..hol topic, and based on the provisions of Article (35 / III) of the Judicial Organization Act, 1979.

He Bayrakdar, that "investigative body composed of judges of the Court of integrity and economic crime, and that the public prosecutor will appear before the investigative body, to express his requests and follow-up, and this decision will be implemented with effect from today."

And it included the document, dated October 8 / last October, and from the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament to the President of the Integrity Commission (linked to parliament) by the Bank of Huda (Local), the purchase of foreign currency from the central bank for the years 2012, 2013.2014 using forged documents, was conversion of about $ 6.5 billion to banks and companies in Jordan.

He revealed Ahmad Chalabi, the former Chairman of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, in a televised interview last week, that "Iraq sold oil worth $ 551 billion during the period from 2006-2014, $ 115 billion of which was allocated to official Imports, as the central bank took over the sale of $ 312 billion Eligibility for banks within the auction sale of the currency. "

And announced a Public Integrity Commission in August / August, on the transfer of two thousand and 171 senior official, including 13 ministers, and they Badrjtah, to misdemeanor courts, corruption, revealing that the ministers of defense, trade, electricity and former transportation, among the most wanted judicial authorities.

And linked to the Integrity Commission, which was established in 2004 in parliament, and have judicial powers, such as the issuance of an arrest warrant, accusing orders, and has a component of the judges device, in charge of the investigation of corruption and accused of files, but the body is not interested in sentencing, and only the investigating judges to transfer the accused to the competent courts .