House of Representatives finish the first reading of the budget of the Federal 2016 and vote on a single law

House of Representatives ended the thirty-fifth Minutes normal, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 230 deputies on Tuesday 10/11/2015, the first reading of the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016, with the voice of a single law and completed the first and second readings of the three bills.

At the outset of the session, Mr. Jubouri feet behalf of the Council hottest condolences to the Iraqi people and for the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives death of MP Dr. Ahmad Chalabi.

This was followed by the Attorney-Jabbar al-Abadi statement on behalf of the Finance Committee which mourned the late MP Ahmad Chalabi, Chairman of the Committee, noting that Iraq has been a symbol of his characters who have contributed to the liberalization of Iraq from the system perch it for four decades, pointing out that the deceased overcame a lot of difficulties in the Finance Committee and shares of contribution great in approving the budget for last year.

Attorney Abadi stressed that the deceased Chalabi was in constant motion and the presence of an active and contributed to the legislative work to the fullest through follow-up and detect corrupt files and continuous communication executive approaching that have to do the work of the Committee.

On the other hand President al-Jubouri, decided to postpone the vote on the draft freedom of expression, assembly and peaceful demonstration and submitted by the legal committees and human rights, security, defense, culture, media and Awqaf and Religious Affairs Law to session next Thursday at the request of the relevant committees, urging the committees to hold a joint meeting for the purpose of fueling project of law.

The Presidency also postponed vote on the draft Martyrs Foundation and sponsored by the committees of the martyrs and victims and political prisoners, human rights and legal bill to the next session on Saturday, based on the desire of the relevant parliamentary committees.

The Council voted on draft identity Seas Act and submitted by the Commission services and reconstruction in order to regulate the issuance of identification of the sea and the inclusion of all Iraqis seafarers working on Iraqi ships or other vessels within the Republic of Iraq and outside the identity of the seas and regulating the issuance of identification seas in accordance with international standards.

Council ended the first reading of the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2016 and provided financial and legal committees, with an estimated revenue of $ (83.444.803.138) thousand dinars, Eighty-three thousand four hundred and forty-four billion eight hundred and three million, one hundred and thirty thousand dinars, that is calculated revenue realized from the export of crude oil based on the average price of $ 45 per barrel and the rate of export of 3.6 million barrels of oil per day, including 250 000 barrels per day of product quantities of crude oil in the Kurdistan region and 300 000 barrels per day on the quantities of exported oil through the Kirkuk province.

And allocated budget amount (106.165.720.043) thousand dinars (one hundred and six thousand and sixty five billion seven hundred and twenty million forty-three thousand dinars for the expenses of the fiscal year 2016 with total planned deficit for the federal public budget for the next fiscal year was (22.720.916.905) thousand dinars (two Twenty-one thousand seven hundred and twenty billion nine hundred and sixteen million nine hundred and five thousand dinars).

In turn, President al-Jubouri that holds the Finance Committee gather the views of other committees in order to achieve passage of a federal budget bill that holds the presidency of the House of Representatives to supervise the conduct of law.

Council completed the first reading of the proposed cancellation of the Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act (dissolved) No. (256) of 1999 and the first reading of the proposed abolition of the Revolutionary Command Council resolution dissolved Law No. (15) of 1998, and the first reading of the proposed abolition of the Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act (dissolved) No. (32) of 2000 and provided by the Legal Committee in view of the absence of the need of making the issuance of the Ministry of Foreign Law No. 36 of 20134.

Then he gave the MPs the province of Basra statement calling on granting the province full financial rights within the budget next year, pointing out that Basra's share of the budget is supposed to reach $ 5 billion, but was replaced by 5% and even with calculated this figure would amount to share 3 trillion dinars but what have been allocated It was less than that great.

And refused to release any manipulation share Basra law the budget or failure to give the rights of the beneficiaries and the violation of government laws in force, calling on the presidency of the Council to instruct the Finance Committee to allocate funds for the establishment of dam Basra and to address salinity and that the response by the decision of the House of Representatives warning that all options are open in the absence of taking the demands of the the province.

For his part, followed by the Attorney Hamid vegetative statement on the financial allocations of popular crowd which he referred to the role of the crowd after a fatwa reference to the protection of Iraq and the region of terrorists schemes, pointing to the existence of a great responsibility by the government and the House of Representatives to do justice to the popular crowd fiscal budget for 2016 for the allocation of amounts believes in his ability Finance for the provision of equipment and armament and salaries of its affiliates.

Council and completed the second reading of the draft ratification of the Arab Convention for the Regulation of road passenger transport between the Arab countries and others submitted by the Law Commission services and reconstruction.

Then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Thursday 12/11/2015

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Iraqi Council of Representatives