America funded Daash five million dollars under the pretext of compensating injured in the raids in Iraq!

Follow-up - and babysit - revealed to press reports, on Monday, the US Department of Defense, "Pentagon" has allocated five million dollars in the new budget for next year to finance Daash and compensation under the pretext of "innocent families" was killed by US air strikes in Iraq.
According to a report published site "" US WND "The United States carried out a 3586 air raid on Daash terrorist gangs but did not previously recognize the international reports which pointed to the killing of hundreds of civilians in Iraq and Syria, while US officials have expressed in the past expressed remorse for the occurrence of injuries Only civilians in Syria ",

He said the "Americans are contradicting themselves, and said in more than one occasion that the strike targeted Daash did not target any civilian in Iraq," stressing that "the amounts allocated under the pretext of compensation for Iraqi civilians is one of the means of the US funding for Daash and play under the table."

The report added that "the new US Fund financing seems to be going in a different direction News Reports noted that the United States will pay the amount of $ 2,500 for the family members of what it called the civilians who were killed in addition to those who were injured were not killed."

He pointed out that "the Fund will send payments what he called condolences to 2,000 recipients in Iraq next year, as the report confirmed that the Compensation Fund to the Iraqis only and there is no similar compensation for the Syrians and the question that comes to mind how the United States will send the money to what what it called uprooted affected if the Fund bombed areas still under the control of terrorist gangs Daash?.