Dakhil calls Masum not to participate in the "injustice" against the Iraqi minorities
November 2015

Shafaq News / MP in the Iraqi Parliament, Vian Dakhil has appealed on Monday, the President of Republic , Fuad Masum not to sign and ratify the unified national card law,

calling to return the law to the parliament to reconsider Article 26 of it, considering the Article as a violation for many of the articles in Federal Constitution and contrary to the principles of public freedoms and freedom of belief.

Dakhil said in a statement received by Shafer News, "We believe that if President Masum signed this law then this a participation from him in the oppression against the Iraqi minorities of non-Muslims as Yazidis , Christians and Mandaeans, so we hope that the President Masum would take a role in the protection of the Constitution and not to allow passing any law contrary to it as this may contribute to injustice and oppression on any class of the Iraqi people. "

She added that "this law sparked a lot of concern and doubts of the Iraqi components of non-Muslims, this represents another persecution against them and deprive them from the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Iraq and guaranteed by the international charters and norms , passing it is a wrong message to the concerned Iraqi minorities as it is also a wrong message to the international community."