Al-Jubouri directs an open letter to the leaders of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan
09 November 2015

Shafaq News / The Speaker of the Parliament Dr. Salim al-Jubouri
has directed on Monday an open letter to political leaders in Kurdistan region calling them to reach solutions on the recent events in the region.

Jubouri said "today the region is witnessing unfortunate case of difference which weakens the ability of the political leadership and institutions to promote progress, and what happened recently is to disable some of the institutions which effected the democratic environment that prevailed in the past."

He added that "on the basis of our commitment to Kurdistan region and the Kurdish people as part of Iraq and its people, we call on all Kurdish leaders to reach an agreement and make the crisis avoid the media spotlight and neutralize state institutions in the region from emergency problems and not use it as a mean of political pressure.

Jubouri called "Government of the region to make further dialogues with the federal government to resolve the outstanding problems as they surely will cast on the domestic scene in some way."

He said addressing the people of Kurdistan, "You have a responsibly today to maintain your cities when you remember your sacrifices in Halabja , Anfal and all the tragedies , grief, blood and tears that you have made as a price of freedom, I command you to help the Kurdish leadership in all its partisan and official formations unite for the advancement of the region to the top positions ."