Iraqi parliament speaker directed an open letter to the leaders of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan

Khandan -
the face of Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Monday, open to the message of official and political leaders in the province of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people on the recent events in the region, reads as follows: In the name of God the Merciful to the official and the political leadership in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to the people Kurdistan beloved peace, mercy and blessings of God for decades and our people in Kurdistan are struggling for freedom and obtaining rights have suffered because of this claim to the types of persecution and abuse and harassment and the payment of blood expensive of the Kurdish movement and the Kurdish people beloved sons, and gave everyone a heavy price of democracy, stability and development and development that is blessed by Kurdistan.

Today we are witnessing the battle unfortunate case of difference which weakens the political leadership's ability to rise to institutions and progress, and what happened recently to disable some institutions suffocation reason Adkha in the democratic environment that prevailed in the past. On the basis of our commitment to the province of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people as part of Iraq and its people and its fabric one, we call on all Kurdish leaders to sit at the internal dialogue table and avoids crisis for the media spotlight to discussions Avenue and neutralize state institutions in the region for emergency problems and the lack of use of a means of political pressure rooms, also call upon the Government of the Territory to further dialogues with the government Federal to resolve the outstanding problems, because it certainly will cast on the domestic scene in some way.

My family and my brothers in the Kurdistan region of Iraq O Ahtdhantm your brothers displaced people in your homes and you opened your hearts to your parents from the affected provinces Population and Aqtzmtm with them a loaf of news, Fkintm best help them in the ordeal, and this is not surprising you and the great generosity and Nblkm which Tguetpson lifted from the mountain.

You are bringing today is responsible for maintaining your cities colorful when you remember your sacrifices in Halbچh and the Anfal and all the tragedies and grief, blood and tears that Dhirvtamoha price of freedom, commanding your help for leadership of Kurdish in all its formations and partisan official and Ttkacvo for the advancement of the region to ranking advanced. our people in Iraqi Kurdistanthat the party leaders and the political elite called upon today to override all other considerations formalism to what is the greatest of them which is considered the public interest and the unity of the region, Iraq and the preservation of democracy, security and urban achievements accomplished by the Kurdistan region wishes to meet the hearts and wills soon to settle all the differences and national cohesion back in the region as we have come a strong organization in solidarity, Phase dangerous to our unity dispersion differences subset, Vobnaana and sons of the heroes of the Peshmerga pay Dmea Bastpsahlhm on the battlefield in the face of Daash to liberate the land of Iraq and defeat terrorism and all this courage deserves us to cooperate and we are integrating in order to region and Iraq. tribute to our people in the province of Kurdistan and God grant you success and Araakm for the benefit of your territory and your great Iraq, peace, mercy and blessings of God *** Information Office of the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 09/11/2015 .